Welcome to Rascal Huskies

- sled dog company and breeder of siberian huskie





150106 Season has started!

In the end of the year it looked promising. But warm weather made all our trails disappear. Now we have enough snow to run shorter tours. For kids we have a special offer, run your own sleddog team. Today was such a day.




141003 Welcome

When visitors arrive to Skellefteċ they meet a information board. We will show up in one of the slides :-) Welcome here and home!




140825 Fall training and guest!

Summer has been incredible warm. Therefore, it was little bit of suprise that fall training could start in mid august. And that was lucky. Never before has dryland tours been more popular than this year. This weekend we had guest from both England och Spain. Welcome to book a dryland tour!



140625 Summer vaccation

Aftera very strange winter we finally have summer -or do we?That heat that most crave for has not arrived yet. So far it has been good weather for the dogs.To protect them from the sun (and rain) and allow them to be in shade, we have setup patiosails. Guess they will spend much of their vacation under these. That´s good, because in August workout and running begins again!


131016 Here we go again

A new winter season is approaching. Until first snow arrives, we continue training our dogs on dryland. Come and join the dogs for a ride!